How to Configure Outlook 2010 for IMAP / POP 3 use

How to Configure email to outlook


  1.          Enter c-panel with your email and password
  2.          On the c-panel menu you will see an icon CLICK ON E-mail accounts
  3.   You will see listed the email accounts you have attached to your domain.
  4.          Next to the email account you would like to configure CLICK THE MORE TAB
  5.          Now CLICK Configure E-mail ClientYou can either download preconfigured settings. Or below this you will see the manual settings for setting up your outlook.
  6.          Open Outlook
  7.          CLICK ON File (you will find this on the top left hand side)
  8.          CLICK Add an account
  9.          NOW TYPE the name you wish recipients to see i.e. (Joe Blogs)
  10.          Now TYPE the e-mail address that corresponds with the account
  11.          NOW TYPE the password you use for the email account
  12.          NOW RETYPE the password
  13.          NOW CLICK manually configure server settings or additional server types.
  14.          THEN CLICK Next
  15.          NOW CLICK Internet E-mail
  16.          THEN CLICK Next
  17.   Your name and e-mail should already be filled out in the relevant fields
  18.          Set the account type to IMAP or POP3
  19.          In incoming mail server TYPE  Mail. (followed by your domain)
  20.   i.e.(
  21.          In Outgoing mail server (SMTP) TYPE Mail. (followed by your domain)
  22.   i.e. (
  23.          NOW TYPE your email address in the user name field
  24.          NOW TYPE the password for your email account
  25.          NOW CLICK More settings
  26.   Your name will automatically filled out
  27.          NOW CLICK  outgoing server
  28.          NOW CLICK my outgoing server (http) requires authentication
  29.          NOW CLICK Advanced tab
  30.          NOW CLICK This server requires an encrypted connection
  31.          NOW TYPE in outgoing server either 25 or 587
  32.          NOW CLICK OK
  33.          NOW CLICK Test settings

If all the ticks are Green then you have successfully configured your account.



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